April 12, 2007


Appeared on April 12th of 2007.


  1. Saturn occurred to me too. Not sure
    but pretty anyway.

  2. Anonymous4/18/2007

    Femme - so it must be a thermal image of a loverly ladee. Bit worried about her ninnies though, the colouring suggests they are a tad cold.

    See Frank Zappa for info on ninnies

  3. This is one of my favourites. I hope the album cover is colourful. :-)

  4. this (since you art so kind as to ask) is reminderable to me of colours which come up together in contemporary mayan weaving and in painting in guatemala. the purpelie sky bit, that is, with that particular shade of turquoisie blue behind (or is it in)saturn casting a spectacularicly rainbonic setting for the protruberant peaks in the aforeground in within which to nestle.

    these are colours of the peoples of a particular´village´loike.

    see for yourself without the drifting commentary.

  5. Anonymous4/26/2007

    looks like an acid trip i had a few years back

  6. I think this one is supposed to be both women's breasts and mountains. The colours made me think of "House of Cards" immediately because of the reggae vibe the song has. But the beauty and brightness of the colours also makes me think of climate change because these colours are unnatural in nature. This (and the song) are some of my favourites of the music and the artwork.

  7. you know sometimes when you're driving, the only thing to really keep you interested is making sexy shapes out of the landscape. rolling hills are definitely exciting when you're bored enough.