May 21, 2007


Appeared on May 21st of 2007


  1. plexweb5/21/2007

    that's sweet
    album cover? It has the right proportions
    but it doesn't look like radiohead artwork to me...

  2. That looks stunning.
    But I doubt we'll see too much of it in the future.

  3. Anonymous5/21/2007

    Will this be on display in june at the gallery exhibit?

  4. Mac Aoidh5/21/2007


    I doubt it's the cover, but perhaps something in the booklet?
    It's got a real 90's feel too.

  5. This might be one of my favourites. I'm not sure why.

  6. It's beautiful. I wonder what technique they used.

  7. Anonymous5/21/2007

    good call plexweb. not sure if it looks like radiohead artwork but this is definitely one of the coolest hodiaus yet.

    maybe a deviation isn't such a bad thing.

    god, I can't wait for this record...

  8. Anonymous5/21/2007

    i think a member from Radiohead was just fooling around between recording sesions contemplating the rainy afternoon. Stanley Donwood have much better art work in his stock.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. If the music is evoking the freshness of this image, I'm very excited to hear it.

  10. Anonymous5/21/2007

    drips, smears, splatters that scatter. syringes, paintballs perhaps medicine droppers? airspeed velocity impacts a design. rorschach, ink blots, loose tea leaves divine?

    art is subjective, its what you feel that matters...

  11. Anonymous5/21/2007

    wax, ink, hypodermics, scanner, photoshop

  12. The black mess thing is probably a reference to oil. The background looks like clouds... a storm. And the splatter is probably supposed to be rain. So I guess it has to do with the rain coming to wash away the oil... something difficult to get rid of. It looks like a view from a car where the water is washing off the oil. Well, that's what I see.

  13. Very cold and metalic.

    Like somebody tried to panically mess up and humanize all the perfectly shaped, orderly, systemized and tight industrial metal and steel beneath the blue with crayons and paint.

  14. I wonder if Stanley and Thom would use these more colourful (but abstract) pieces as backgrounds for the houses and mountains, etc. I just have noticed that they seem to incorporate elements from one print into another and I don't think they'd actually use something as abstract as this on its own.

  15. Anonymous5/22/2007

    This is AMAZING but tragic