May 9, 2007


Appeared on May 8th of 2007.
Audioclip of "15 Step". Thom repeats 'etcetera, etcetera'. Try it with headphones. Really cool. B)
You can download it here:


  1. Very interesting. I'd been hoping for a new audio/video clip. This one sounds really good with headphones. I wonder if this is a binaural recording.

  2. Nah, I'll rather wait for the coming record. I don't won't to feel too "comfortable" with my idea of how a song should sound like in the end.

    Thanks (but no thanks)

  3. It's a personal choice. I am enjoying hearing how the songs evolve. I don't really have any set ideas of what I want the songs to sound like. Other than "Arpeggi", which I hope Jonny arranged so that the best from the Ether Festival version is not lost.

  4. Mac Aoidh5/09/2007

    I doubt you'll spoil much listening to these 'teasers' as they seem to be just single tracks taken out of the mix.
    Eg: I think these are the backing tracks for some song or more likely just an experiment...
    Interesting nonetheless.

  5. Mac Aoidh5/09/2007

    *Backing vocals (sorry)

    Anyways, hope we hear more.

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  7. Anonymous5/09/2007

    i hope... i hope...
    we get more teasers like this one

  8. Anonymous5/09/2007

    Mexico is also listening... weird.

  9. i don't think it is in "binaural", it's just an audio efect rack that layer the original recording (reproducing different versions at the time)and applies different treatments at random to each of this verions, and then plays them in diferrent chanels (aty random too) and making them pan from left to rigth.
    It's something you can make with any stereo recording, not this binaural thing....

    And i don't think this reveal ANYTHING about lp7, just that they at least are working in 15 steps. But they are intended ot ot be clear samples of "how it will sound like", just some things they recorded and, after modifying them, they put them in there. And you don't know even if they are from the definitive take of the vocals, maybe they are just discarded versions that they wanted to use at least for "something".

    BTW, at some points, you can hear the undistorted voice of thom, and you realise that it's not sang the same way each time he says "etcera", nothing you haven't noticed already.

  10. Lauren5/10/2007

    *Is very intrigued*

  11. err.. is this really going on the record? :(

  12. I doubt it. I think it's just a teaser. They were probably trying out different effects. But I think it would sound cool as part of the song. I listened to it along with the live song and it sounded great.

  13. yeah it sounds...can't think of any words that will satisfy ME let alone ANYONE ELSE.

    but yeah the echoes and reverb, and vowel voices are almost turning me in a kinky musical/sexual way.

    all that aside i like it.

    i remember reading/hearing somewhere/sometime that thom said that lp7 is kind of like okcomputer but "more terrifying". ...

  14. Anonymous5/13/2007

    Don't be ridiculous. Thom is just having a bunch of fun.

  15. can anyone repost it? the link from sendspace is down.