May 28, 2007


Appeared on May 28th of 2007.


  1. Anonymous5/28/2007

    Thom's drawing.

  2. Anonymous5/28/2007

    At first I thought it ment, in reality that's what the people that wear GAP clothing look like.

    I don't catch on too quick.

  3. it's a drawing of a man in pen... hahaha.


    THIS for the album art. Blatantly. It's going to be Kid A all over again.

    if anyone tries to interpret this, such as "blue...pen... gap... reperesenting our holes in our MINDS like our holes in our gap jeans...", my faith in humankind will diminish considerably more than it has already.

  4. Anonymous5/28/2007

    Yesterday I was reading a Vanity Fear magazine (i dont know why) and I saw this 10 pg ad of GAP with plenty of actors on them. I was amused about it... why you need to spend so much money in publicity? if your clothes are good quality are going to sell well if not you will need to hire the hottest hollywood start to wear them. Anyway.. I dont find any appeal when I see in the street people wearing the same clothes, its like the dressing version of suburbia.

  5. jijiji, james you made laugh with the "if anyone tries to interpret this..." stuff. there is too much thinking over this places i guess...
    I don't know what GAP is. I see it's fashion related, but that's it...
    It reminded me of Kid A too, but i'm not so sure it will be part of the album.

  6. Not all of the artwork ends up in the album/singles, but I think it's fair to assume most of the stuff is related to the next album release. There are drawings similar to this one in the scrapbook. There's one that says '1984' but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be George Orwell or what. The "Gap" is a clothing store/label that has stores in different countries. The clothing they put their label on is really bad quality. I don't know how ethical the corporation is but I imagine they have sweat shop operations set in third world countries.

  7. Anonymous5/28/2007

    The company has continued to draw negative attention for its labor practices. In May 2006, it was discovered that employees (including children) of Western, a company that makes clothes for Gap in Jordan, had been working 109 hours per week and had gone six months without being paid. Some employees also claimed that they had been raped by managers.[8]

    During the spring of 2003 The Gap, along with 21 other companies, was involved in a class action lawsuit filed by sweatshop workers in Saipan. The allegations included "off the clock" hours, where workers were not paid for working overtime, unsafe working conditions, and forced abortion policies. A settlement of 20 million dollars was reached but The Gap contends that the allegations were without merit, saying that lumping the companies together in one lawsuit was unfair.

    Source: Wikipedia.

  8. Anonymous5/28/2007

    i've always luved sketchiness but the dude looks a bit creepy!

  9. Anonymous5/29/2007

    this should be the album cover or at least in the book. gap clothing, and "the gap" in between this or that. <--my attempt at not trying to interpret this piece.

  10. i wonder if it's an actual person from an actual particular pic, and that's part of the meaning, like the amnesiac aol/time warner guys

  11. Richie5/29/2007

    Looks like Henry Kissinger.