May 17, 2007


Appeared on May 17th of 2007


  1. it's not black and white, looks like a mild sepia tone, unless i've had too much wine.

    it'd be nice if anyone could clue us in on to where this local might be....?

  2. Mac Aoidh5/17/2007

    Berlin? :D

  3. Anonymous5/17/2007

    It is located inside Paris Hilton's Skank Prison Box.

  4. Hilarious (or sad?)to those black and white windows looking like boxes - looking like the logo-like houses we've seen on here.

    "This is really happening"

  5. Anonymous5/17/2007

    Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Radiohead know what's really good:)

  6. vuslat5/17/2007

    reminds me of this color beauty.


    coming to the picture; whenever I see those traffic bridges, I recall radiohead. Especially when those metal bars are old, rusted, paint fallen off. Its a massive structure. And the traffic running under it with the roaring and humming seems so huge and uncontrollable. Its a pleasure for me to watch the running traffic from above, if theres a narrow pedestrian way near it. But this bridge also looks like one passing over a river. Maybe it is.
    Its probably a lovely old postcard reminiscent of the city at its time. But maybe its the progress they want to show. I wonder how it looks like now in that specific place.
    Sometimes I wish I lived in Berlin. Without knowing the city, and without knowing why. A surviving association from childhood ? dont know

  7. Anonymous5/17/2007

    Weird Fishee--
    Your insights into Stan and Thom's work have inspired me as fan of Radiohead as I am an artist. Where can you tell me where your book is available? You are an anthropologist who has written on creative artists? I would like to buy this book! :) I love the arts and Radiohead works too!

    Thanks for your help. I am 19 years old and art student from Finland. If that helps, I can pay PayPal.



  8. anyone catch the latest link from R.H. site? free cities? very nice site, please explore it!

    i remember the R.H. site referencing "ebenezer howard" a while back....a guy with nice ideas.

    I think some of R.H.s ideas and points relate to not only becoming aware of how we are living but how we can "live better". there's problems being stated and possible solutions being provided.(in their words and works) seems obvious huh?

    apparently not, as billions are still living with gigantic eco footprints and consuming at terrifying rates. WORLDWIDE.

    city/town layouts "designed" the right way could/can save us. but the way to that begins within US, we must first be AWARE of the need for the change, and second, WANT it.

    Look at it all, read between lines. I"m not trying to preach.

    I'll see if i can start a new topic in the message board and we can discuss these ideas further.

  9. by save us he means save us from boring design...yeah?

  10. anonymous, I haven't published anything yet. Right now I'm working on a book about lyrics interpretation. Hopefully it'll deal with Thom Yorke's lyrics. I am still working on my book about creativity and inspiration. Hopefully I'll be done with it this year. Thank you for your comments. Nothing has ever inspired me as much as Radiohead's music and art. :-)

  11. Anonymous5/20/2007

    what up!