May 14, 2007


Appeared on May 14th of 2007.


  1. I love these ones, inspired by highway signs. I want the T shirt! ;-)

  2. Anonymous5/14/2007

    Lp7 will be called "If you lived here you'd be home by now"

  3. Anonymous5/14/2007

    don't be daft

  4. I like this concept. So very, very sarcastic. - And I hope (perhaps) that future music will broaden it.

    Whatever an album is to be called, I think this can stand alone, with or without "Radiohead" attached to it.

    (And who knows? Maybe they'll eventually decide to make a "white" album all with blank pages, with a pre-written signature by a certain someone named Donwood; packaged with a pen and a "Do it yourself, please" printed on the sleevenotes?).


  5. hvlukas, that's what sigur rós did with ( ), so i don't think radioheads gonna do that..

  6. I actually didn't know that (about Sigur Rós) .. I'm more a Under Byen-bloke , than a Sigur Rôs-bloke.

    Anyway, my point was more, that at this point it's up for grasp how a new record will look, sound and feel like - let alone be called.

    We'll have to wait and see, once a record hits the shops.

  7. Anonymous5/14/2007

    I remind me the Airbag/How am I driving EP. But with more color.

  8. Anonymous5/14/2007

    what if you saw that sign...

  9. Anonymous5/14/2007

    on your way to holiday or to a random outing?

  10. Anonymous5/14/2007

    what would you do/think/feel etc fuckin etc.?

  11. Anonymous5/15/2007

    i certainly wouldn't be fucking anyone

  12. list goes on. and on. list goes on.

    i live in a 2000 square foot home in a suburb of a not very big city. it's what i could afford. who knows what costs unrelated to $ it will exact from me and mine.

  13. Anonymous5/15/2007

    i think the road/bridge logo looks like a transformer robot

  14. Anonymous5/15/2007

    Stanley is probably too busy to upload a new artwork.

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  16. Stanley5/15/2007

    Dollar, dollar bill y'all. You know me and the 'head are only in it for the hunnies.

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  18. Anonymous5/15/2007

    to anonymous: you certainly wouldn't be fuckin anybody? why it might be the perfect time to do so. especially if it was near death experience (in that event that it might be) during near death experience or immediately afterwords it's not rare for human beings to want to fuck their brains out. ........hmm wonder.

  19. on a note5/15/2007

    have you noticed some radioheads fans words and works? it's wonderous how much their personalities and works are influenced by the band...especially their blogs. is this flattering or annoying? or both?

    well i'm sleepy and boring. so goodnight.

  20. Anonymous5/15/2007

    No, they're just words not to get upset by.

  21. on a note

    You could easily call it flattery at best, and plagriasm at worst, but in most scenarios, perhaps it's just a lack of outlook in terms of, say, art worldwide right now (or any "now"s in history).

    Sure, I can find it annoying or perhaps more likely a bit impersonal when I find half hearted attempts to get that "feel" and "look" that the band Radiohead and their currently busy hof-artist put out there. Maybe it's immaturity, but everybody's got to start somewhere.

    These copies and influences and whatnot escape my attenion, not because it's copied or impersonal, but more likely because it's too vague as art (and why not get the real thing then?), too transparent and say nothing much more than "I listen to Radiohead".

    I definitely think that any band with a strong visual side WILL influence a fanbase (and a mainstream conscious)- look at Nirvana's smilies, Michael Stipe's star t-shirt. Or Madonna even. Or punk. Or hip hop. Or.. well, thus also Radiohead.

  22. Anonymous5/16/2007

    Sex is overrated.

  23. Anonymous5/16/2007

    sex maybe overrated, but orgasms are pretty dandy

  24. Anonymous5/16/2007

    to anonymous who replied to my anonymous: It would certainly be a near-death experience if you're having sex while driving, i imagine that multi-tasking sex + driving is pretty difficult; has anyone tried?

  25. one of many anonymouses5/17/2007

    to anonymous who replied to my anonymouse post concerning near death experience...

    HAHAHAHA =D you made me laugh hard.....and umm yes i've tried and my advice: DON'T TRY IT, especially on highway. just stick to oral!

    funny thought: imagine attempting sex on the "autobahn"! haha.

  26. Anonymous5/17/2007

    Sex will never go out of style.

  27. on a note5/17/2007

    hvlukas: you bring up interesting points. thanks for your feedback. i wish we could discuss this topic further, and perhaps we may....just at a later time. When i can search for and find the time i'll start a string in the H.D. message board, and we can go hypo manic and discuss away if you'd like, until then GOOD TIMES!

  28. on a note5/17/2007

    yes on another note: i'd like to believe that the band are nothing but happy that fans appreciate their work so much as to honor them in such ways as we've described...unless it's done in such a way that's degrading or if it's for self gain only...

  29. on a note

    I'll be happy to throw around my small time opinions for a bit.

    Good times;
    I'll try and catch them

  30. Anonymous5/25/2007

    i saw this phrase while i was longing in verb.

  31. Anonymous5/25/2007

    or i mean, "" my bad.