June 12, 2007


Appeared on the 12th of June of 2007.


  1. I will assume this is Thom's drawing and it shows three women. Interesting.

    Very beautiful drawing.

    Are they veiled?

  2. The Palo Alto6/12/2007

    they either have no identity (face)
    or are being shielded from the truth

  3. could they be making rough sketches for a video? I mean... why not?

  4. Anonymous6/12/2007

    "wierd fishee said... Very beautiful drawing." Um...what? It's just some stick figures. It isn't beautiful. I'm not going to say my three year old son could do it, but I will say that a goat could. A blind, gangrenous goat.

  5. Anonymous6/12/2007

    A lot of ghosts here in america are reported as young women and they appear over and over again...

  6. Cravens6/12/2007

    "It isn't beautiful."

    1. Everything is static.

    2. There is no such thing as subjective taste.

    3. A computer calculation could predict what's good art and what's not.

    4. All human beings should be educated to think the same.

    5. Homogeneous people make good consumers and quiet, non-messy suburbs with approved, tasteful pictures on their walls.

    6. Everybody agrees on this list.

    7. Those who don't are clearly the enemy.

  7. Anonymous6/12/2007

    what does the SM at the end of this (and 2 other) pictures means???.. and the fact that one of these (the latest) is an song title.. what does it means?? could this be a clue about two more song title???

  8. I am almost 100% sure 'sm' refers to 'small', as that's what some images in the Radiohead scrapbook had at the end of the title when they had more than one size, to designate the small one.

    "All I Need" is a song title, so I guess this drawing might have to do with the meaning of the song. Maybe the idea of people who stay in bad relationships because they feel like they lack identity when they are alone.

  9. Anonymous6/12/2007

    means small (sm) no?

  10. Anonymous6/12/2007

    just sorta interesting to see something he drew. nothing more :)


  11. kind of sketchy ... but still there's a lot of emotion attached to this image, i mean, it looks so sad.......

  12. I also find it a really beautiful drawing. It's always disappointing to see people, who obviously share an appreciation for Radiohead, being so ignorant of something as ridiculously obvious as the subjectivity of beauty.

  13. This sketch gave me a lot to think about in regards to the song. I agree it also seems to tie in with the "Stepford Wives" idea, kid.android. This sketch says a lot of things to me. About loss of identity, about hiding one's true self, and whatever makes us different from others. Also about the idea of a couple keeping each others' eyes closed and unable to see any escape routes.

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  15. Anonymous6/12/2007

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  16. Anonymous6/12/2007

    Is being artsy bad? Does commenting here denote something about my personality? I'm curious, please enlighten me?


  17. Anonymous6/12/2007

    opps erased on accident, I said...

    I thought perhaps it was the three muses, with their faces covered.

    about lack of inspiration, maybe?


  18. Anonymous6/12/2007

    some people thrive on discord. I never really understood that, but we all have our quirks...

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  20. so.. I guess Radiohead is back on recording sessions.
    Thats great (if is true).

  21. quite an intriguing image. reminds me a bit of the family beholding the apocalyptic landscape on kid a. but this one is weirder.

  22. i just see here three women hitting their faces to invisible walls...
    so this must be a feminist drawing.

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  24. hiding identities, hiding interaction, hiding emotions..
    I sense a feeling of isolation.
    or maybe trying to erase some faces in his memory.
    from a point its feministic, but from another maybe its some expression of female-based pain/nonsense in one's world. Like, are they all the same? Do they mean something? Anything? Any special thing for you?
    and they are going or standing in the same direction, all looking elsewhere. This means to me some kind of distance. and dont have proper feet, which may mean they are unstable/temporary in that place.

  25. also gives an impression they are chatting. without real emotion?

  26. That's a good observation, vuslat. At least the two walking in front are talking to each other.

    And they are faceless, characterless. The only thing that distinguishes them is their hair.

    What you said before, made me think that their position in someone's life is temporary, because they don't really have any choice... like in the song. They are merely there because they don't have anywhere else to go... they don't see a way out. There is only one light that they can see and turn to, because they are blinded. Maybe that's why their eyes are covered. This makes sense within the context of the lyrics as well, since they lack the ability to find their own light. They 'only stick like glue' (with their significant others) because there are no others...nothing they can see because they are in the dark.

  27. They see no options except to stay... regardless of how bad their situation is.

  28. are you the weird fishee from atease