June 18, 2007


Appeared on the 19th of June of 2007.


  1. Nice marble effect my man, did you ever try coating the top of a basin of water with inks or oil paints and then dip card into the basin and slowly remove it, the effect is quite simular to what you got here. hope the album artwork is as shit-hot as the previous stuff!! keep it up.

  2. this is a bit messy (compared to others)... don't see the cover here, heh!

  3. btw... which one do you think would be the best cover for lp7. (please tell your own opinion not what you think the band is planning...)


  4. Look at the 5th June image. This appears to be part of that same painting, which coincidentally, is my favourite for the album cover. Actually, if you took this one, "G M C Selectsm", add "Greenyellow mountain", and added some of "Lightencker" (from April 24th) and used all of those colours and effects on the 6 May image called, "Not Right", you'd have one absolutely amazing album cover. That's my choice. I think all of these images I listed are possibly part of the same painting.

  5. i personally like also the "xendless_xurbia" theme... that would make a great cover also... hmm.. the band seems to have a lot of art to choose from... they should release the album in various versions (not musically). but do we even know if it is an album?

  6. is today monday? I think we are in a time shift...please be in time because this block is somehow my timetable:) thanx
    otherwise i would be drifting further and this would be the end for me as a "somehow" responsable citizen of the earth...i mean where is the end, my friend?

  7. Yes, it's an album. Confirmation in Ed's post on Dead Air Space last week:
    "Wed, 13 June
    a word from the studio
    Yes I know its been a while ..... but we've been working on this album for a while ...... BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE .....

  8. Do you want to become a stone? Do you want to become anything you can imagine...try to see yourself in this picture, if you have a reflecting screen..it´s funny and interesting...i like this picture...it would be lauvely to have this as the album cover...with a reflection effect:
    then people are going to buy a mirro...:) Imagining some people freaking out...scared of themselves running out the store, just because they wanted to buy the new radiohead album...guys i think this would be of great success:)


  9. Anonymous6/19/2007

    Its so refreshing to know every part of the develop of the new album. The knowledge shouldnt be privitized, it should flow freely

  10. It's a beautiful but scary-looking sky, so I'm pretty sure there are hints of 'climate change' besides the whole suburbia theme going on in the bigger picture.

    And I agree that it's great that we were able to see the 'growth' of the artwork and songs.

  11. It reminds me of the cover of "Meddle" by Pink Floyd. Very '70s. I'm not sure it would fit with the other potential LP7 artwork, though.

  12. Hola, me gusta mucho su trabajo.
    te llamo para mirar el mio.