June 14, 2007


Appeared on the 14th of June of 20007.


  1. Ah a lovely colourful picture on my special birthing day

  2. feels like a paranoia...to the disco beats...the same thoughts again and again...

  3. great as a desktop background, if you tile it :)

  4. I really love this one. The shading at the edges of each colour makes them seem like they are rolled up and maybe made out of some type of metal. I get the idea that, like tract housing, the choices are limited to very little... in this case it's just the colour.

  5. yeah, it's nice, but a shame that it isn't new...in the scrapbook, i think, there's a picture of a room with prints of this color variations on the floor.........or something like that.

  6. I know which photo you're talking about. But the actual image is new. And I think it would make a great poster.

  7. It's quite nice actually. But my first thought was more along the lines of a sort of grafic playground for whoever's behind it.

    In heaven, probably, we'll find Andy Warhol and George Orwell drinking bottles of clouds, smoking pot, saying: "Have you seen this thing?"


  8. It reminds me of the 'typologies' link on DAS, and how we are offered the same item with minor differences, but really... it's all the same. I think that may be why Stanley's latest prints up for sale come in four different colours. I think he's trying to make a point.

  9. I'm not sure, but I get your drift, and yes, there's quite possibly a point (or if nothing else, then just a flavour in what he's been cooking) to these pictures being similar in almost every sense, with minor ├Žstethically changes.

    Like some sort of a perverted Suburbian Emperor's New Clothes. "It's really all the same, which ever way you park your car, which ever colour you choose for your wall".

    A cool ad-on, that is most-likely just a coincidence, is that these rows of houses to me all look so pretty from a distance (lining up in the background) seem to fall out of the straight and narrow lines the closer we come (as in foreground), like they're just slowly falling apart as if the cleanliness and orderliness, (the straight and narrow), basically was just an illusion.


  10. Anonymous6/14/2007

    Have you seen her dressed in blue?
    See the sky in front of you
    And her face is lik a sail
    Speck of white so fair and pale
    Have you seen a lady fairer?
    She comes in colors ev'rywhere;
    She combs her hair
    She's like a rainbow
    Coming, colors in the air
    Oh, everywhere
    She comes in colors

  11. yes this



    like the colour tests for postprinting.....


  12. I'm not sure if this makes me want to dance or hide.
    Very nice though.

  13. Have you noticed that it goes from red to red? It's like a variation from red to orange, yellow, green, dark green, light blue, blue, purple, red? Like an inverted "S"...
    red, green, blue...
    I don't know if it's important, just came to my attention...

  14. I like what you wrote Billi...this is what art-creativity make me feel like...going on with flying thoughts.

  15. wierd fishee said that the edges look rounded, i agree. it reminds me of the fake plastic trees video in that respect. each housing estate looks like it is on a shelf in the supermarket. the same things repackaged

  16. Well, I didn't realize it until now, but they look like the cans in a supermarket. So maybe the idea is that builders package their goods all in different colours but in the end they are all the same mass produced junk.

    I think the worse thing about the way they market housing developments in suburbia is the whole 'model home' idea. They are tricking the buyer with a false mental image of what the house will look like, because they add hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades, landscaping, etc. But then when they lock the buyer into purchasing the home, it comes like an empty shell.