June 16, 2007


Appeared on the 17th of June of 2007.


  1. Beautiful sketch. It reminds me of my favourite tree, which is in Oxford.

  2. Beautiful. I love it.

  3. a little house inbetween the centre...is everybody going home now? Was it a cold winterday or a sunny windy blueskey spring day? ...Depends on you where you imagine home...:)

  4. A tree house, then? I've read there are people that actually live in them.

    Anyway, I know trees have a lot of symbolism and such but for me they're about life and growth. They look dead when they're bare in the winter, then they seem to spring back to life and grow leaves again.

    It's quite magical. :-)

  5. when you draw a tree you can do many branches and even surreal ones, yet nobody can say it is so, because trees are infact surreal with incredible branches, you just need to observe a few and you'll discover. Also you can hide many figures in the bark while drawing. you can fill the whole paper with one tree and it will still look fine and finished. Trees are so art-friendly :)

    the world would be so undecorated without them.

    so what is fear to do with trees? for me it would be fearful if there were so many trees that I couldn't see the sky or that there's desertification and there are so few.
    but forest fires should be scary for the inhabiting animals.
    And maybe trees are scared, even with all their menacing branches; they have their roots, they cannot escape.
    they are

  6. What this tree made me think about is that if it was found in a new development in suburbia, the developers would uproot it and replace it with a genetically-modified tree that's selected for it's 'perfection'. There are so many trees like that where I live. They don't even seem real. The developers try to recreate nature, but rather than leaving the trees where they are standing and building around them, they kill them and plant specially grown trees which all are a particular size, and resist pests, etc. But nothing can possibly compare to what nature creates on its own. It grows where it can survive, it's not transplanted because it will help the developers sell a certain concept.

    It's very easy for me to find the beauty of this sketch because I hardly ever get to see a 'real' tree. :-(