June 28, 2007


Appeared on the 28th of June of 2007.


  1. There's definitely a feminine lip-oriented sensuality going on there, similar to "HMM LATE 2"'s vulvic connotations. "FEMME" being mentioned in the title certainly suggests that a theme of femininity is being consciously explored. "ALL I NEED SM" also fits in with that.

    It'll be very interesting to see if and how these themes present themselves in the album itself.

  2. Mother earth, heating up.

  3. Yes, the presence of a female is very much evident in the songs and in the artwork. This is very different from previous albums. There has always been a female presence in them, but it was more ethereal. This one seems more real. And it's translating in the artwork as a force that can't be ignored.

    I was thinking of the theme of the floods in "The Eraser" and how the artwork we've seen here is also a mix of nature along with structures made by man, by society. In "The Eraser", this force wipes over the infrastructures of London. I guess one way of seeing it is as a 'cleansing' of sorts. Doing away with the old infrastructures to give way to nature.

    Here it seems like nature is also about to show its force over the weak infrastructures we've built upon it. There's a sense of fire about to wipe everything out... everything that is weak and artificial.

    I see the similarities in the themes but a completely different way of depicting it. It's really beautiful.

  4. yeah, really great picture, and i love the colors.
    I can see the sensuality of the lines (still not as clearly as in HMM LATE 2 ), but i still don't see the conection between this *female mountains* and the suburbia theme.....

  5. ok, heres the connection.

    In one of the displays in Stanleys current exhibition there is a drawing that is just the contours of the land, Isobars or whatever they are called.In the centre is a dark opening, which is later seen in the vibrant colours of the two canvasses , called , exceuse me, CUNT1 & CUNT2.

    There is abrief inscription that says "where it begins" or it might have been "where it baegan".

    Therefore the connection is delivered- mountain ranges represent Aeons of shifting plates and the early formation of the current world as we know it- i.e they were created at the beggining or bloody soon after!, and in the female womb is of course our beginning.

    The connection is that surburbia is a man made phenomenom that is not a natural process- hence the juxtaposition.

    Thats my twopenneth!.


  6. wow, that's an interesting way of seing it, and makes a lot of sense ... so far the only conection i've come up with is from the title "a lust for development", wich sounds really sarcastic to me :)