April 25, 2007


Appeared on April 26th of 2007.


  1. vuslat4/26/2007

    it looks like a tree's bark. the convergence of the lines, mostly it disturbs me on a picture but this one does it in a way that looks natural, even better than natural. the accumulation points are the darker parts. I wonder how it'll be when the accumulatorsm is about light. i think it would be disturbing. when you do the colors negative in paint, it looks superficial, but the original version has dimensions. yet it doesn't hide a darker spot in the deep. The injury is out there. The spot. it grows outward. i like it.

  2. That's great. I thought it was some type of monster or maybe a mountain, but your're right... it looks like tree bark.

  3. just guessin'4/26/2007

    black hole vortex? space time continum portal? odd perinium perspective?

  4. i like this one a lot.
    to my mind this is the map of the universe

  5. Looks like some sort of a very strange electromagnetic field to me, sort of like when you dump metal filings on a magnet.

  6. Anonymous4/30/2007

    Reminds me a little of a Strange Attractor