June 4, 2007


Appeared on June 4th of 2007.


  1. Cravens6/04/2007

    Terrifying, really. Or just plain ol' fucked up.

    Has this been exposed to some sort of William S. Borroughs' cut up technique, anyone reckon? It probably doesn't matter (other than form); but I'm just curious.

  2. Anonymous6/04/2007

    give me the voice to speak,
    give me the feeling of being save,
    give me a kiss to relieve
    that this is not the true world we`re living in

    in this moment i am shaking, because i don`t know what is reality...in this real game of the week-end called POLIS we were playing roles of:
    - the world bank
    - the UN
    - the world press
    - the NGO`s
    and the different regions of the world

    We were playing the real game of our world`s economical and political action. My position was the president of the world bank...

    -the peoples background: environmental and resource management students

    In the first years of game we were putting all our energies into:
    - the development of environmental programs
    - reduce starvation in Africa, due to donation and re-allocation of resources
    - taking care of poorer region to develop their living standards

    in the 2nd year:
    the worlds resources were more balanced and the supply of goods were higher than the demand

    in the third year:
    people got the idea and understood. Seeing how they could influence the world positively, they got bored which resulted:
    in creative ideas to make the game more exciting

    the result:
    the CIS with china and Africa wanted to play independently and wanted to increase their strategic and were planing a WAR...

    the forecast for the 4th year:
    due to reduced industry (money was put into environmental FILTERS to REDUCE POLLUTION)and an increase in the world`s population the world`S demand was higher than the supply

    but nobody couldn`t care about it anymore, because the world needed to rearm to protect east Europe which didn`t wanted to become communistic again

    The war idea came from one person...this decision affected the whole world`s concentration...so everybody should be aware of what s/he is announcing in order to balance emotions of the environment

    so these 45 minutes just make me feel very sad and the tear in my eye, as well as the weakness of my body tells me that we all should care more about our own actions, our thinking as our mind is very powerful...it has the ability to change our environment in the waves we foreseeing it...and I don`t want WAR!

    I am the opinion that everybody is beautiful and on its way to find an inner solution for problems...the time as an indicator shouldn`t influence us, because we can decide if one minute is long lasting or just runs away

    I love you all and hope and believe for a more colorful future...

  3. But did you heard wich person has become the president of the IMF...?

    bad bad bad bad bad

  4. Anonymous6/04/2007

    4(5) Minute Warning.

  5. Anonymous6/04/2007

    blairs always been an idiot. and ignorant. and deluded.

  6. Anonymous6/04/2007

    I wonder how many people in parliament actually believed what he was saying.

  7. Anonymous6/04/2007


  8. Anonymous6/04/2007

    Are they running IE on a Mac?

  9. how many people in the whole UK believed him, really? nevermind parliament, we were all skeptical, which is why the war protests went ahead, and were ignored.

    the really incredible thing is that Blair insists he 'stands by' everything he did, which presumably includes giving that speech which included those ridiculously loaded phrases, which were entirely false...

    who's up for a war crimes tribunal?

  10. oh and yeah, it looks like its just ie on a mac... but its an old mac - pre-OSX...

  11. Do you think the screenshot is as old as the quote or was he using an old computer?

  12. Anonymous6/04/2007

    Do you think that Gordon Brown is going to follow the same path as Tony Blair?. Around here we dont hear so much about british politics...

  13. Anonymous6/04/2007

    the amount of coincidences on this board astound me!

    truly bizzare...

  14. I think Tony Blair did quite a good job actually.

    Ever stop to consider that the reason the UK went to war was to keep an eye on the USA?

    It's the reason we're "sticking beside them" all the way; because we didn't, and still do not, want George Bush on the rampage on his own in the Middle East. We had to join in to be able to exert some control over the situation.

    And Blair did very well in my opinion. Got rid of the IRA, improved the economy and standard of living for everyone. The country's much better off now than it was under Thatcher/Major.

  15. Anonymous6/05/2007

    excuse me while i puke

  16. anonymous said: "so these 45 minutes just make me feel very sad and the tear in my eye, as well as the weakness of my body tells me that we all should care more about our own actions, our thinking as our mind is very powerful...it has the ability to change our environment in the waves we foreseeing it...and I don`t want WAR!"

    i don't think there's anything more important than what this person has touched on. "so it is inside, so it is outside."

    interesting days ahead...to see if things will work out.


  17. “Illegal” is the mass argument. We all know it was a lie. But not one without reason. Probably because that which James says about the us trigger-happy troops, but also because they thought they could get away with the lie,, they had the intelligence to make wmd in black and white. War is not black and white. Its every fucking colour under the sun… The infrastructure was not there to support this bombardment and now the country is fucked.
    the plight of the little man in many other countries is ignored. War is bad yes. But murdering thought policing dictators are bad. Everyone agrees. it is easily ignored, and not so easily dealt with.
    There is a logical reason why we choose to go into iraq and not places like Zimbabwe. Oil/resources is one. We thought it would be easy,, is the other

  18. oh sure...the u.s. government doesn't have to invade the small guys, because for they don't have much in the ways of resources...except for maybe themselves...as in cheap labor.
    the u.s. owns these small guys through unfair trade and slavery...the small guy doesn't have a chance and is not a threat...but when we're talking about the very thing that keeps "the machine" moving, oil...oh yeah we'll get right on it. let's go get em'! we'll invade for that stuff!

    there was a poll recently about the mood of the u.s. and how many people agree with the direction the country is going. the mood: GLOOMY. and 75% feel we are headed towards disaster and chaos. hmm wonder how they came to that conclusion? even the shadiest of media outlets can't hold back the lies now.

    but the thing is, is that close to 100% of the americans who took that poll are part of the problem and part of the reason why there is a war going on right now. everyone has to have their walmart shopping sprees, suvs, electricity etc, and it's for those kinds of reasons why we require so much oil to live. the american ecological footprint is the largest in the world...

  19. Anonymous6/06/2007

    "walmart shopping sprees, suvs, electricity etc"

    mass consumption and suvs seem on target, but electricity? wouldn't that be a lesser evil?