June 24, 2007


Appeared on the 24th of June of 2007.


  1. It looks quite creppy, doesn't it?

    I wonder if this is the mill he'd included in one the works at the Amsterdam exhibit (Donwood mentioned doing that in his Taglibro)?

  2. Anonymous6/24/2007

    2 comments only! does not seem so popular, to hell with them.
    this is one of the more interesting pictures i have seen here, to me personally along with that painting Stanley did called RUN AWAY ESCAPE IN BLUE which is just beautiful.

    on another note- i wish the pictures here were shown larger.

  3. We can only sow them the size they are posted by Stanley.

  4. ok...this one brings back memories of bate's motel. i don't know why...maybe it's the hill. maybe i'm really thinking of frankenstein (the old 30s film). it's downright creepy. i likeded it.

  5. I think this image is very beautiful. I love this windmill. It looks very old. I also like that the black and white are reversed, like a negative. It doesn't look scary to me... just old.

  6. So I take it the economy was quite good. RPS?