June 8, 2007


Appeared on June 8th, 2007.


  1. Of course, I recognize the image form elsewhere, but still, I think it's an absolutely stunning piece. I have no idea if this is underway, finished or is only partly printed and lacking the remaining two colours, but I really think the roughness of the colours suits the picture. It seems meaner this way.

    (And I think it looks a bit like a propaganda poster from the second world war, and I don't think that's a coinsidencial association).

  2. Anonymous6/08/2007

    fantastic and very threatening...

  3. it's awesome, really stunning and monumental. Also, i love red :)

  4. Anonymous6/08/2007

    What is it?!

  5. Anonymous6/08/2007

    they should build a major monument in the entry of every suburbia. Just to remind them the lost of their souls..

  6. This print is available for sale at slowlydownward.com. The text reads:
    Prime Residential (screenprint)
    One of a series of new screenprints with artwork adapted from the
    series of etchings entitled 'If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now.
    Another distraught meditation on the hopelessness of the 'suburban
    experiment'. With hints of the 'military-industrial complex'."

  7. Anonymous6/08/2007

    this is a special one. the red just puts so much more force and emotion behind it. very threatening indeed.

  8. Anonymous6/08/2007

    weird fishee is a line in the song arpeggi?

  9. Anonymous6/08/2007

    i have the feeling that the new lp is going to be something important.

  10. 'I get eaten by the worms and wierd fishees' is a line in "Arpeggi", yes. :-)

  11. Anonymous6/08/2007

    I thought it was "weird fishes"


    same thing or what? Who ARE you Wierd Fishees, anyway??

  12. it's weird fishes

    don't lie to yourself

  13. Anonymous6/09/2007

    i might know who he is.. but is not important anyway.

  14. Anonymous6/09/2007

    don't lyrics and art have a common provenance? like looking at a painting and drawing your own conclusion, shouldn't listening to lyrics evoke personal meaning to the listener? sure it's fun to guess at the meaning, but at the end of the day isn't such effort misplaced when you could be writing your own lyrics or stanzas or journal entries or whatever?

    i ask myself this question often

    ...and the answer- it helps me procrastinate ;)

  15. I'm sure there's more than one level of meaning in most of Radiohead's lyrics. We all have a personal, individual way in which we interpret each song, and on that level, it's not really important to find the same meaning... or the artist's for that matter. There's a broader meaning, though, and that's what we all hopefully are trying to get at. We're still going to hear and look at things differently, but hopefully we can arrive at a greater meaning, or close to one, that we can all agree on. Sometimes it's important to in (into ourselves) before we can go outwards and find that greater meaning.

    In the context of "Arpeggi", little differences like whether Thom is singing "wierd[sic] fishees' or 'we're fishees' is relevant to meaning, so I think it's immportant to know what he's singing... maybe that's why he gave us the lyrics. Whether it's 'weird fishes' or 'wierd fishees' is less important; he sings both.

  16. Anonymous6/09/2007

    did you notice the "A" like shapes right in front of the main "building", in the picture? it seems ominous to me. really, really scary. and the intensity of the red, makes it very violent. it really has an impact on me. my favorite image so far.

  17. Thanks for pointing that out. Actually, the structure appears to be standing on vaulted spikes ("House of Cards") and the interior always seemed to me to be made out of glass... kind of like one of the previous images called "Glass House Disaster". I think some of these are probably to do with "House of Cards".

  18. I forgot to say that the outside of the structure seems to be more of an 'illusion' of strength, while the inside seems fragile and ready to break apart... like a house of cards. The artwork gives the lyrics a broader meaning... about the fragile state of our infrastructures... That's just how I see it, though.

  19. Anonymous6/09/2007

    Wierd Fishee:

    Do you really think that Thom and Stan are reading the self-important crap you write on here and digging on it? Get a life. And I mean that literally.

  20. Anonymous6/09/2007

    re: above comment
    such perfidious remarks make me sad.

    -all of this, like some ancient ritual. so be it. evoke the forms. where you've nothing else, construct ceremonies out of thin air and breath upon them.

    me amongst them the worst offender :(

  21. I don't know if Stanley and Thom are reading this blog and I wouldn't say anything different whether I thought they were or not. And that is what this blog is all about, otherwise the images would just be collected and there would be no place to write our observations.

    Furthermore, I think you (whoever you are) should get a life because I would assume if you have nothing to say about the artwork and are still coming here looking up my posts so you can criticize them, you obviously don't have one. :-)

    And this is a real shame, because it is because of posts like yours that a lot of interesting commentary had to be removed from under one of the images.

  22. also i´ve just noticed the "down=up" arrows within the main structure. it´s really nice to see how things get integrated into one big image. i think perhaps all this imagery is stronger than the one from kid a? there´s a continuous reaffirmation of the suburbian/new suburbian/big structures theme all over these works. and let´s not forget the cartographic-oriented images. two divergent mindframes? or different aspects of the same one?