May 5, 2007


Appeared on May 5th of 2007.


  1. Anonymous5/05/2007

    atease msgboard still down? :(

  2. Anonymous5/05/2007

    yep =[

  3. Anonymous5/05/2007

    OMG, does this mean...

    ...LP7 HAS LEAKED? :shockhorror:

  4. Hope it will get sorted out soon. I need my message board fix ;)

  5. the hodiau direkton pics are getting everyday more loose, like if they had already put in there the "relevant" images and now they are just trowing random stuff at us.. and i want more videos!!!!!!

  6. It's still nice to see where the original ideas evolved from, but yeah... I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they weren't planning on this taking so long. Maybe they'll have to do more artwork now.

  7. This artwork reminds me of Bjork for some weird reason (Vespertine artwork).

    Plank's blog was updated on Thursday and he has been listening to "All I Need"...suspicious...?
    ...I can play this waiting game for a really long time so Radiohead can take as long as they want, I am trusting/hoping that after this long wait (whenever it will be), we'll find ourselves listening to a great album...

  8. Still giving me ideas of something organic. I don't actually agree that this seems "loose", nor sketchy as implied; just very minimalistic.. Smooth as air or ice, or transparent, secretive Tove Jansson characters.

    I quite like how the abstract and figurative seem to meet, and how it seems to be a movement frozen.

    (Additionally, yeah, it's a great idea, this line up of ideas and thoughts and images; and though I'm guessing they're made by different people (I don't think it's relevant if it's by a mister Donwood or a mister Yorke or a miss ..) - I experience it as more of a collective movement and trrail of thoughts and ideas.)

    Short story long,
    thank you for sharing.

  9. In essence--at least on the ateaseweb message board--we've been almost been taking part in the creation of the album itself... with our ideas for the tracklist, and name of the album, etc. It's not that the band are going to consider our opinions at all, but I pretty much feel like this process has allowed us to take part in the creation. Maybe the day will come when we can download an album's tracks and artwork, and we organize and name them ourselves...

  10. that looks like the map of the universe to me. cheeky bugger i am, in it?