June 6, 2007


Appeared on June 6th of 2007.


  1. Anonymous6/06/2007

    C h e c k i t b e f o r e y o u w r e c k i t

  2. Anonymous6/06/2007

    This is getting boring.

  3. Anonymous6/06/2007

    3 questions:
    -what is writen (i cant read. anyone can?)
    -What does this spot represent? Fuel in the northpole (probably not <<) or glacier reduction??
    - and why is there a "color" diffeence between nunavut and north east terriory?

  4. Anonymous6/06/2007

    I can see Newfoundland there. :)

    (that's where i live.)

  5. Cravens6/06/2007

    I actually don't think it's boring. These works, as I honestly thinks the title of it all points out, aren't on exhibition, but are more like road signs along the way pointing towards one final destination. Someone yesterday thought it was beginning to be repetitive, but any proper creative work needs research, testing, and drafts and sketches, before you'll end up with the final piece.

    If one can't stand the creative footsteps and trials before some sort of final piece is presented, then I'd speculate, one is at the wrong place, as I look at all of this as things showing a process. No one ever promised us art, just a direction.

    Blahblah blah blahblah

    I have no idea about what's been written on it, but my first thought was the melting of ice and the huge fucking hole in the ozone layer. And I like how it doesn't make excuses to make a point, but merely just illustrates the catastrophic holes we've burned in the map.

    It reminds me a bit of the works of the (now arrested in France for wanting to make his performance) Danish/Chilean artist Marco Evaristti and specifically his Ice Cube performance, but there's probably no connection at all.

  6. they are still heading to many different directions. this is a nice thingy!

  7. Anonymous6/06/2007

    oh look its the new album cover!!!

  8. This is what it says (thanks to the guys from atease):

    Your home could be at risk. past performance is not a guide to future performance. Volumes may go up or down. Walk on left facing traffic push button for walk signal. No hitchhiking. Non-motorized traffic prohibited one way. Wrong way. Own your own home. Fall out shelter."

  9. I don't find them boring either. I really look forward to them every night. I also thought the black spot might be an oil spill first, and then thought of the hole in the ozone layer. That's probably what it is. Nice picture.

  10. There's some cool stuff like this on the arctic hole...


    This design looks somehow familiar to me


    is obviosly apocalyptic.
    as we are now.
    arent we?

  11. Dang.
    SO pleased with everyday, but I'll call this one the best yet.
    The text is wonderful, but what gets me is how the image summons forth a memory of a character from the Dr. Strange comic, an unassuming figure you might have heard of called Eternity.
    Thank you, you cool cool people.
    And thank YOU Black Arctic 6 (not a bad album title even.


  12. Anonymous6/06/2007

    cravens sez-
    "If one can't stand the creative footsteps and trials before some sort of final piece is presented..."

    while i agree that many of the things presented in this daily format show some of their creative process, I don't believe that Hodiau Direkton's purpose was to unveil any final piece or album cover. These are just random selections of things; photos, drawings, inspirations and yes, some new art they've been working on. Like it's predecessor, The Scrap Book, its meant to be something nice, a daily nice.

  13. This photo shows the actual ozone layer in the arctic:

  14. i need a name change6/06/2007

    thank you for all the works so far. it helps. IT REALLY DOES. and not just me, but it helps...a lot.
    how can i repay you? all of my love is NOT used up.

    how do you kickstart an engine? how do you kickstart a soul?

  15. Anonymous6/06/2007

    re: above post

    now was the nicest thing I read all day...


  16. Those of you who are interested in discussing the artwork should also post in the Hodiau Direkton message board. There are some of us who are eager for more discussion. The link is on the right side of the top of the blog. A lot of you have a lot of interesting things to say and it's great that we comment in here but I think it would be nice to have some discussions. :-)